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Even though I’m know as The Brandstress now, I didn’t always consider myself a designer. As a student in New York City, i took a leap of faith in my teenage years and applied to Art and Design High School. In High School, i was able to explore many different professions and majors and had settled on becoming an architect. I declared an architecture major and took 2 classes a day to study the craft and quickly fell in love with it. After interning and working along side a number of professional and well established architects and contractors, I became scared of what lay ahead for me in the industry.

The long hours, intense work, and precision needed to excel as an architect was starting to take a toll on me and i hadn’t even made it to college yet! I chickened out. Disappointed and nervous about what to do in my senior year of high school, I took another major leap and applied to Syracuse University as a Public Relations major.  I know what you’re thinking. From architecture to PR, how did that happen? I knew I liked art, but I also liked the business of design, in my own head it was a foot in the door.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Eager to find my niche, in the Summer of 2012, I applied to an internship in NYC at the Metropolitan Transit Authority. After being called in for an interview and finding out that not 1, not 2, but 5 different departments were interested in me, I was given the choice to pick what it was that i wanted to do for the summer. I chose to intern for the Webmaster of the MTA Bridges and Tunnels Association. I caught on quickly, i was coding, designing, creating micro-sites, teaching software courses and providing IT Support for one of the most important companies in New York City.

Upon returning to college that fall, I quickly changed my major to Information Management and Technology. Excited to start a career in something I loved, I was immersed in tech and loving it. Speeding forward a couple of years, The Brandstress was born. After freelancing for 6 years, and helping multiple small businesses, I now service more than 20 brands and entrepreneurs across the country, providing a wealth of design and technology services.

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