A Logomark is generally referred to as a graphic or image based logo. These designs typically have images, illustrations or graphic elements attached to text, or stand alone to represent an entity. Logotype generally refers to type work or font work. Creative text to represent an entity. 

My turn around time on Logo Designs is typically 2 weeks. Website Development ranges anywhere from 4- 8 weeks depending upon the complexity of the project. After starting a project, you will receive a project timeline with specific deliverable dates of each part of your package. 

To get started on a project with me, please fill on the Inquiry Form onr the Im Ready tab, and I will be in touch. My bookings open on the 1st of each month, to ensure that my workload isn’t too much. Once slots are filled, all requests will be waitlisted until the 1st of the following month. 

I would love to be able to give advice on your existing brand  and/or company. Business Consultations can be booked via filling out an inquiry. There is a fee associated with this service.

I offer a variety of packages for all of my services. These packages have different price points because each project deserves to be assessed separately for what the business needs. If your service request falls in line with a specific package you’re free to select it. If not, a custom package can be built for you. 

I am currently not accepting new projects until November 1, 2023
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