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Shop Unsaid

Be That Girl.

Simone came to me in need of a rebrand for her business, Shop Unsaid. She wanted to increase her sales, as well as completely redesign her shopify store and instagram profile.  Not sure if she was making the right decision, we scheduled a discovery call to get things squared away. 

 After our discovery call, I asked Simone to trust the vision that I had for Shop Unsaid, and continued to reiterate that everything would come together soon. I urged her to do a professional photoshoot as well with all of her inventory.

We iterated on the logo, colors, branding and overall look and field. I pulled together mood boards, mocked up the website, and created some additional marketing materials and instagram templates for the online boutique. 

The end result is something that she now loves and is very proud of. She was so excited to see everything and we are already working on a second project. 

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